What is the operating procedure of the slitter?

2019-03-27 1307

1. Operators must first train and then work, must be familiar with the use of different slitting machines! Equipment performance and general maintenance methods. Personnel other than this type of work shall not operate at will;

2. Do a good job of labor protection before starting the machine, and prepare some auxiliary tools and materials for operation (tool adjustment tool, carton for paperwork, paper tube, paper cutter, tape, etc.) and put it in the appropriate position of the machine;

3. Make sure the device is in a safe state,

Check if the circuit is out of phase and the gas path is unblocked. Test the machine to see if the electrical, pneumatic and mechanical equipment are operating normally. Whether the mechanical protection facilities are perfect. Prevent crushing, scratching or bringing in rotating gears, chains, rollers, etc. during operation;

4. Adjusting the knife: Adjust the precise cutting distance according to the operation request, pay attention to the direction of the cutting edge. If necessary, remove the bottom knife and re-arrange the knife. The knife has a gap or a sharp point to actually repair and change;

5. Check the connection between the static elimination equipment and the ground of the machine to ensure that the static electricity of the data is eliminated during operation. Lay the waste paper under the machine to avoid dust adsorption;

6. Pay attention to safety when loading. Push the material to a suitable position to stop the inflation, keeping in mind that the direction of rotation of the material cannot be reversed;



7. Paper-punching and opposite: Put the data from the unwinding to the winding in the direction set by the equipment, and adjust the correcting position to stop the opposite side. When cutting the edge, ensure that both sides of the finished product have glue. Pay attention to correcting when feeding. stroke. Be sure to go to the middle of the correction stroke. When you are running, you should pay attention to correcting one side. When you exceed the stroke, you will need to deal with it immediately;

8. Put the paper tube requested by the job on the take-up reel and align the data. The double-sided adhesive must be attached to the double-sided adhesive, and the appropriate winding tension and unwinding tension should be adjusted to perform the trimming and winding;

9. Strictly check the quality of the product during the winding process. Do not roll defective or scrap products and other stolen goods or side strips into the product, and strictly control the number of meters;

10. When stopping the unloading, hold the material with one hand and pull the product out of the inflatable shaft. The material of the photo-painting surface must be equipped with gloves, and no fingerprints should be left on the product;

11. According to the production requirements, do a proper packaging, including labeling and packaging paper or film, sealing, batch number, etc.;

12. After shutdown, turn off the power supply and air supply, and perform necessary cleaning and maintenance on the machine. Do not use a knife to scrape excessively. The glue on the equipment should be wiped clean with solvent.

13. In the process of encountering problems during the operation, in principle, the shutdown process, the failure to stop the process must be decelerated and carefully handled.

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