Pay attention to the precautions of the use of slitting machine?

2019-03-27 1363

1, safe production is a necessary premise, must pay attention to safety matters when operating.

2, to encounter an abnormal problem to stop the machine, you must press the red button to stop the emergency. Develop the right emergency stop habits.

3, encountered problems that can not be solved first stop for help, do not continue to run the machine under abnormal conditions.

4, cut out the air shaft, must be supported on both sides of the water pipe, pay attention to safely pull out the air shaft.

5, in the case of padding, the hand should keep a certain distance from the plastic shaft and the paper tray to avoid injury.

6, when the original paper, when the original paper passes the cutter, the paper roll must be stopped, and then the paper is adjusted.

7. When adjusting the knife, first clean the dust with an air gun, and then carry out the knife adjustment process.

8. When using an air gun to clean the dust on the knife, first try to spray the water for a while. If the gas of the air gun has water, use a rag to dry the shaft and continue.



9. When blowing, first stop the machine and put the paper into the tube, then turn it back on.

10, when blowing, pay attention to the stability of the flash when accelerating.

11, encountered c-class papers to slow down the speed as much as possible to avoid the situation of paper breaks (1200 rpm with 1800 rpm is 5 minutes slower and then the time difference is 7 minutes).

12. For some problems with the paper core of the base paper, pay attention to the proper chuck clamping of the original paper core.

13, when the original paper core is deformed, causing the original paper to rotate slowly, pay attention to speed adjustment to slow down as much as possible.

14, when dealing with the bad paper of the original paper using the knife slide, be careful not to slip the inner paper.

15. When the base paper is cut to the end, slow down the speed to avoid paper breakage.

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