There are several kinds of crafts for slitting machines.?

2019-03-27 1422

1. Round knife slitting (also known as rotary knife slitting)

Round knife strips can be divided into tangent strips and non-tangent strips.

The tangential striping is stripping the material from the tangential direction of the upper and lower disc knives. This splicing is convenient for the knives. The upper disc knives and the lower disc knives can be directly adjusted according to the strip width requirement. Its shortcoming is that the material is very simple to drift in the striping, so the accuracy is not high, and now generally not necessary.

The non-tangential strip is the material and the lower disc cutter has a certain wrap angle, and the lower disc cutter falls to cut the material. This striping method can make the material less prone to drift and high precision of striping. However, the adjustment of the knife is not very convenient. When the lower disc cutter device is used, the entire shaft must be removed. Round knife slits are suitable for thick composite membranes and paper sheets.



2. Extrusion slitting

Extrusion slitting is not common on domestic slitting machines. It consists mainly of pneumatic knives that are synchronized with the material speed and have a material with a certain angle of the bottom roller and convenient conditioning. This slitting method can be used to separate thin plastic films or thicker papers, nonwovens, and the like. It is a convenient method of slitting. It is a development direction of the slitting machine striping method.

3. Flat knife slitting

Just like the razor, the single-sided blade or the double-sided blade is fixed on a fixed tool holder, and the knife is dropped during the running of the material, so that the knife cuts the material longitudinally to reach the sub-entry.

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